Rémi Gazel gives a new life to the songs he composed for the very first Rayman in 1995 with a Jazz/Rock/Symphonic/Electro collector Album.


Here you can find the progress of the project.



09/02/2018 - Rémi's invited to the show "La Cartouche" on Radio Kawa (audio)

Yann Rieder, aka Inks, also wanted to know everything, with all his energy and his very personnal view :

La Cartouche #12

06/02/2018 - Amal'Game Program

Once again, Rémi and Christophe Héral made an appearance on Radio Campus, invited by the Amal’Game program. The live is available at the end of the program.

02/11/2017 - Rémi Gazel's interview by the Nayshow's team

A nice talk with the Nayshow‘s team, during which they talked with Rémi about Rayman… Among other things 🙂

01/11/2017 - Paris Games Week

Rémi and Christophe Héral have given us the pleasur of playing a Rayman 1 / Rayman Legends / Beyond Good and Evil medley during the Paris Games Week 2017, with the Sinfonia pop Orchestra. Video coming soon!


17/11/2016 - Michel Ancel and Rémi

Michel Ancel, Rayman’s father, supports Rémi’s project, and he tells him! 🙂

21/06/2016 - An (audio) overview of Rémi by Yamukass

Yamukass discussed with Rémi for his project Face(s) :

You can find it HERE

14/11/2015 - Rémi and the Pixelophonia orchestra at the Anim'Est Nancy

An intervention of Remi with the Pixelophonia orchestra at the Anim’Est Nancy to remind us that this year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our limb-less buddy… Good time of share and emotion… 🙂

19/08/2015 - An original (written) interview of Rémi Gazel by Josh Taipale (in English)
10/08/2015 - Taïki Senseï wanted to know more

Taïki is a talented chronicler, passionate especially about the videogame universe.

He wanted to know more:

His channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzR2zNgafjqdkGIQsbNp7lw

15/04/2015 - Recording

A memory of our recording day “live”.

Here are The Forest, Mr Dark, The Magician, and Replay 🙂

24/03/2015 - Now we have something heavy pals!

March 24th 2015 took place the second rehearsal of Rémi GAZEL’s band, and I can tell you everyone is set for the recording session coming on April 15th.

4 songs would be recorded that day… live of course!

Here is a first montage to share this day with you.


Thanks to the musicians but also to the camera operator, to the head cook, and to the owner of the place. Thanks to everyone who went on board that day, who have been the first public to applaud, dance and smile…

See you soon for more!

Responsable du projet R1L

12/03/2015 - Hey ... Can we hear music ?

As planned, 2015 is already paying off. In the past days we met a lot of people who likes the project. More details coming when the things are clearer. Anyway we never let our contacts unconcerned. We’ll record around April 8th 3 or 4 songs of your favorite game… rearranged for 8 musicians by Rémi GAZEL himself.

General rehearsal will start on March 23th but Remy already started training with our 6 strings electric virtuoso, Anthony Rico. Here is their warm-up on the Mr.Dark (aka Virus) song.


Do you like it??? It gives me goosebumps, I have to say.

More news coming soon to talk about the progress of the project: lots of things are going to fall into place in the next weeks. Below a little souvenir of our visit at Ubisoft Montreuil (with Emmanuel Carré, press officer).

See you soon,

Project supervisor

29/11/2014 - The Toulouse Game Show was awesome !

Here are a few pictures of our appearance at the Toulouse Game Show this week-end. Some great times with Bruno Grandinetti (The coordinator of the Rayman 1 Live Project), Christophe Héral, and the whole Pix’n Love team. Big up to Michaël Guarné, Fred Asroth, Marc Pétronille… And to everyone else 🙂

Michaël Guarné and Asroth Fred

Family picture with Sandrine, the biggest fan 🙂

01/06/14 - The video of the Pix & Tech faire: Fun around Rayman's music with Christophe Héral

25/05/14 - With Christophe Héral to the Pix & Tech faire. Video coming soon 🙂

14/03/14 - gameone.net talks about the project in their news (1'10") :
03/03/2014 - First rehearsal

With : Sandrine, Robin, Xave, Rémi. Thanks to Philippe for his images 🙂

11/02/2014 - Meeting with Néné, sound engineer


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