Rayman by Rémi

Rémi Gazel gives a new life to the songs he composed for the very first Rayman in 1995 with a Jazz/Rock/Symphonic/Electro collector Album.


In the early 90’s, Rémi Gazel met a young game designer called Michel Ancel. Michel was about to create one of the most popular video game character: Rayman. Rémi was a pianist and composer with a real passion for computers and video games. Michel was building a team for its new project and had only one piece missing: musics! These two were meant to meet.

Michel wanted the best possible soundtrack for its upcoming plateformer. After a few (restless) nights talking about the project and the musical experience he wanted to offer the players, Michel asked Rémi to compose most of the musics of what will become one of the most popular soundtrack in video game history.

After this unique experience, Rémi went back to his usual musical life, composing songs and playing piano with different bands in France. Professionaly speaking, he also started another artistic carrier focused on photo and video.

But he never forgot about Rayman and neither did the fans. For the past 10 years, Rémi kept on receiving messages asking him about his musics and if he was planning on playing them in public. He got invited to several game conventions in France and got a great success with each concert. Rémi got connected again with the Rayman fans. He was amazed to see how many of them remembered his songs and were asking him for more.

At first Rémi thought about a possible “Rayman 1 Music Live Tour”. He started to work with his band on full new orchestrations of his songs and made some trials and recordings with his Jazz/Rock band. But the fans made it clear: they wanted first to get this new songs at home. This is how Rayman By Rémi – The Collector Soundtrack Album  was born !

A few months ago, he got the greenlight from Michel Ancel and Ubisoft to do so (“Ubisoft supports « Rayman by Rémi » project but is not associated to the project nor will get any income from any campaig.”).

About Rémi

Self-taught musician passionate about digital technologies and the endless opportunities they offer, Rémi is an ever-evolving artist. His personal journey brought him to experiment many creation fields from music to digital art, video making, web design… He now feeds from all this very different experience to give birth to a very personal artistic work, always eager to learn and improve himself.

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Ubisoft supports « Rayman by Rémi » project but is not associated to the project nor will get any income from any project.

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